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Christmas Hampers

Ideas for Christmas Hampers

Mince pies, Christmas pudding, chocolate, cookies, crackers, fudge, almonds, jam, chutney, wine, and champagne are typical items included in Christmas hampers. In addition, fresh delicacies such as smoked salmon, pâté, and cheese may be included, but this can make storing and giving more difficult.

Homemade sweets demonstrate your thoughtfulness, and we have many Christmas dishes that are ideal for a christmas hamper.

Easter basket ideas

Easter baskets commemorate the arrival of spring and are ideal for sharing amongst family. They are typically loaded with Easter eggs and other related snacks, which may be purchased or prepared from scratch – we have a perfect small chocolate muffins recipe!

Rather than putting your Easter delicacies in a basket that won’t receive much usage, arrange them on a ceramic cake stand or plate. Using wood wool will produce a lovely ‘nest’ look, which is ideal for presenting chocolate eggs.

Ideas for new baby hampers

As a new parent, there are some goods you can’t seem to get enough of, and these are usually the most gratefully received gifts – examples include baby shampoo, baby lotion, talcum powder, muslin squares, and bibs. New baby gift hampers allow you to thoughtfully and beautifully gift these necessities.

Soft toys, teethers, and blankets are frequently included in pre-packaged baby hampers, but parents often wind up with unneeded duplicates of these things. Basic clothing is a fine option, but consider gifting sizes 0-3 months and above, as parents frequently have an abundance of newborn apparel that is rapidly outgrown.

A storage box or basket for the nursery is a considerate alternative for the hamper itself.

new home hamper concepts

The best housewarming hampers let the receiver celebrate their new home and settle in. Champagne, mugs, hand soap, tea towels, preserves, tea bags, chocolates, cookies, candles, picture frames, potted plants or vases, and other house decorations are all popular gifts.

Consider the recipient’s reason for moving to help you create something more personalised. You could, for example, design a gardening hamper if they’re delighted with their new garden. If they enjoy cooking, a ceramic oven dish or cast-iron cooking pot stocked with gourmet ingredients could be the ideal gift.

Cleaning hampers are popular gifts for children who have left the nest because they allow parents to give affordable but necessary products fun and meaningfully. Dust cloths, sponges, furniture polish, bin bags, kitchen spray, and rubber gloves are some examples. In addition, a washing-up bowl makes an excellent ‘basket.’

Take a look at our homeware gifts for more ideas.

Ideas for chocolate hampers

There aren’t many people who wouldn’t like a personalised chocolate hamper! You can keep things simple with store-bought chocolate, go for luxury with artisan chocolates, or show your appreciation with handcrafted truffles served in ceramic bowls.

A hot chocolate hamper is a pleasant alternative during the autumn and winter. Homemade hot chocolate stirrers look particularly nice and are simple to produce, as are custom cocoa powder blends. Serve in a large mug or cappuccino cup with small marshmallows.

movie night gift basket ideas

Movie night hampers are ideal for couples or families. They should provide everything needed for a home cinema experience.

When it comes to the movie, think about what they’ll love viewing, what they already possess (or have access to), and how they’ll watch it. Of course, a DVD or Blu-ray could be included, but a voucher code for a movie rental or streaming service provides more options.

Another essential in a movie night hamper is popcorn. If you want to try something new, go for gourmet popcorn in a unique flavour or popcorn kernels and seasoning. Our huge serving bowls are ideal for popcorn and could serve as the ‘hamper’ for your movie-themed gifts.

Other refreshments, such as sharing crisps, chocolate pouches, and pick-and-mix sweets, could also be included in your hamper.

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