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term insurance

All about term insurance! A  temporary insurance contract allows an individual to insure their vehicle for civil liability over a predefined period. This type of contract can be very useful when you have just bought a vehicle and want to drive while looking for the best insurance solution for the year, or during a stay abroad or import export of a car to French territory.

Coverage with reduced validity

If you are a frequent user of public transport or an adventurer who crosses borders with his car,  choosing temporary insurance  allows you to insure your personal vehicle or the one that is loaned to you for a short period, defined in advance with your insurer.

This coverage generally extends from 1 to 90 days, depending on the needs of the driver. If you only use your car to go on vacation, it is possible to opt for weekly or monthly insurance.

What are the differences with traditional insurance?

Temporary  car insurance  systematically offers the minimum guarantee that is civil liability; just like classic year-round insurance. Often, the Defense/Remedy guarantee is included. It is also possible to add options to take advantage of greater coverage, namely assistance in the event of breakdown or accident.

The process of subscribing to a temporary insurance contract is on average much faster than in the case of a traditional contract, thanks to simplified procedures.

To receive your certificate, all you need to do is provide:

A copy of the vehicle registration document

A copy of your driving license

The special conditions signed

The reduction-surcharge coefficient is not taken into account for pricing. However, you must ensure that you meet the subscription criteria.

Today there is a strong demand from policyholders for temporary car insurance contracts, which are still not widely offered by traditional insurers.

Do you want to sign up for a short-term contract quickly and easily?

Assurvit, specialist in temporary insurance, offers  you to insure yourself in just 15 minutes  , when you call during opening hours.

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