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internal SSD hard drive

A hard drive allows data storage even when the computer is off. (Not to be confused with RAM, which allows very fast data access, but deletes information as soon as the computer shuts down). For example: the elements that you had copied/pasted are saved on the RAM and are deleted as soon as the computer turns off).

The problem with the hard disk is that it can fail , the data written on it is then lost or very difficult to recover . These breakdowns are often due to the mechanical parts of the hard disk which can be damaged (hence the importance of making regular backups on external hard disks/cloud/…). This problem can be solved by the SSD.

What is SSD?

Contrary to the traditional hard disk which functions by the rotation of platters, the SSD hard disk (solid-state drive) stores data thanks to electronic components , which avoids a breakdown due to the wear of the platters. Like the classic hard disk, the data remains written in the SSD hard disk even if the computer is turned off , on the other hand, its electronic components are more like a USB key or the memory card of your digital camera.

Why is it better than a classic hard drive?

The SSD is much faster and quieter than a traditional hard drive because it has no moving parts (which avoids the impression that your computer is going to take off like a rocket). The SSD is also more shock resistant , which comes in handy on laptops, which are more likely to fall. It causes less heat generation and is also more energy efficient and thus preserves your computer’s battery . The classic hard drive still retains the advantage on its cost : at the same storage capacity, a mechanical hard disk is less expensive than an SSD hard disk, although this difference tends to decrease. To give you an idea, a classic hard drive costs around 80€ while an SSD is around 350€.

Is it worth it?

Buying an SSD to replace your classic hard drive can be a good idea if your computer is lagging and you want to give it a little boost : with a new SSD, it will be faster than it used to be. has ever been! Installing an SSD is useful if you use it every day. Daily use of a system using an SSD as the main disk is very pleasant: everything is instantaneous, fluid and efficient . Over a year, there are full days saved by no longer waiting for an application to launch. Even Windows updates install very quickly, so you waste less time.

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