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Fleece Horse Blankets

The warmer days make for better riding days and exercising in the sunshine. However, this friendly weather brings forth its share of issues, like flies and insects that can make a horse uncomfortable. As a horse owner, you must be equipped to control the situation and keep your horse happy.

Where to Use a Fleece Horse Blanket

A fleece horse blanket is a versatile cover that keeps your horse warm and comfortable. Although fleece blankets aren’t good for turnout, they’re suitable to use during summer. These multipurpose blankets are lightweight and serve as an alternative to wool.

A fleece horse blanket is made from fleece and some recycled plastic, making it easily accessible and affordable. Pony blankets are lightweight yet warm and soft and machine washable. Unlike other fabrics. The blanket keeps moisture off, making it a quick-drying accessory.

Thanks to its breathability, it’s an excellent layering piece. When wet, a pony blanket is still a good insulator, but it’s not windproof, making it an unsuitable external layer for cold turnouts.

How to Determine the Right Fly Sheet

Finding the right fly horse sheet can be challenging since many are available. However, if you know what you’re looking for, it can’t overwhelm you much. The most important factor to consider is what your horse needs and the features of the fleece blanket.

The Location of your barn can determine UV levels and the kind of insects that bother your horse. Keeping your horse in the paddock for an entire day requires a management strategy to deal with flies than a horse in the stables.

Know if your horse is overly sensitive to flies and insects, and find a way to manage the situation. Some horses are unbothered by flies, and mere tail swish sends them away. However, the highly sensitive ones get irritated and unsettled when touched by flies. Get a horse flysheet to protect your horse and allow it to live a full life daily.

Don’t only pay attention to behavioral sensitivity but the skin, too. The saliva of midges causes reactions like a sweet itch. How do you identify a sweet itch? Look for signs like broken skin, rubbing on walls or trees, and hair loss.

When you notice these signs, put fly protection measures in place to keep the horse comfortable. Once you know your horse’s needs, choosing the suitable option will not be as daunting as for a clueless person. Fly horse sheets are suitable for warm days, and they have no filler.

Do You Need a Fly Sheet?

Not all horses can swish their tail to chase flies and insects. Some are highly sensitive to flies, which makes them easily irritable. Using a fly sheet to help sensitive horses survive the annoying insects is necessary as this ensures their comfort. Here are some reasons why you need a fly sheet.

  • Protect your horse from insect bites or flies landing on it.
  • Manages the situation by calming the horse to ensure they don’t get irritated or upset by flies.
  • Some fly sheets in the market provide UV protection, which prevents bleaching and sunburns.
  • A fly sheet protects your horse from sensitive skin reactions like sweet itch.

Wrapping UP

There’s a wide range of horse fleece blankets in the market you can choose for your horse. All you need is to know your horse’s needs and compare available options. You don’t have to own an entire wardrobe of fleece blankets, but you can purchase affordable, versatile blankets that are easy to maintain and clean.

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