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Wear Half Pads

Horse riding is a sport and activity that requires proper gear and equipment for the rider and the horse. While bridles, saddles, and reins are essential, ensuring a comfortable ride for your horse using half pads is also critical. Half pads are horse-riding accessories designed to protect horses’ backs and enhance the saddle’s stability.

Here are some common reasons why horses might wear half pads;

Shock Absorption: Some half pads are designed with extra shock absorption materials. This can benefit horses engaged in high-impact activities like jumping or fast-paced riding. The padding in the half pad helps absorb the shock and reduce the impact on the horse’s back.

Protection: A horse pad can offer an extra layer of protection between the horse’s back and the saddle. This can be particularly useful if a horse has sensitive skin, a thin coat, or is prone to developing sores or rubs from the saddle.

Comfort: Just like people might use cushioning or padding for comfort, horses also benefit from additional padding. Waterproof horse sheets with gel, memory foam, or other cushioning materials can make the riding experience more comfortable for the horse.

Compensating for fit issues: Sometimes, riders might use half pads to temporarily adjust the saddle fit while waiting for a saddle fitter or when using a saddle that is not ideally suited to the horse’s conformation. While not a long-term solution, this can help alleviate discomfort in the short term.

Temperature regulation: Certain materials used in half pads, such as sheepskin or moisture-wicking fabrics, can help regulate the horse’s body temperature by wicking away sweat and allowing for better airflow.

Provides thermal insulation:Horses are vulnerable to cold weather, and too much exposure to low temperatures can cause muscle tightness, discomfort, and inflammation. Half pads provide excellent thermal insulation and prevent excess cold air from touching the horse’s back. For example, wool half pads are renowned for their excellent thermal insulation and management of heat.

Provides adequate cushioning:Horses, like humans, require comfortable and cushioned seating. Half pads are a variation of saddle pads that add extra cushioning for the horse, minimizing any shock from the rider’s weight. The pads act as a shock absorber and keep the saddle in place, reducing pressure points on the horse’s back. These pads are usually made from wool, gel, fleece, or foam, providing optimal support and comfort.

Helps address saddle fitting issues:Horses differ in size, shape, and body type. Therefore, saddle pads may only fit some horses correctly. Pony blankets come in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for horses of all sizes and body types. This versatility allows you to adjust the pads’ thickness, providing additional cushioning to address saddle fitting issues.


It’s important to note that while half pads can provide benefits, they should be used thoughtfully. Using a half pad should not be a substitute for proper saddle fitting. If a saddle doesn’t fit well, it’s crucial to address the underlying fit issue rather than relying solely on a half pad to fix the problem. Working with a qualified saddle fitter and consulting with an experienced equine professional can help address your horse’s saddle and padding needs.

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