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dropping Ziply Fiber

Your computer is running so slowly that you can’t even open a basic webpage on it while you’re also dominating the newest online game and downloading enormous quantities of data at the same time. The connection may be much weaker on a particular piece of equipment or in a certain area of the home than it is in other places. It would seem that the full capability of your internet connection cannot be used while you are using your router in its current configuration. If your home network is dependent on Wi-Fi, you must find a solution to changing internet connections and a way to overcome unpredictable Wi-Fi speeds. If your Ziply Fiber Plan is dependent on Wi-Fi, you must find a solution to changing internet connections. You must come up with a plan for switching internet connections if the wireless network in your house is reliant on it. If you do not comprehend the reason why the speed of your internet connection continues to slow down, we will thus walk you through the procedure of diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Check The Connectivity

It is important to determine whether or not the issue is caused by your Network Operator before you start looking into your Wi-Fi network. You should check your connection using a smartphone, notebook, or windows pc if you have one of these. You can test not only the speed of your Wi-Fi connection but also the speed of your internet connection while you are physically linked to your router. Try connecting your device to the network via a wired connection to see if this fixes the fluctuating downloading rate and connection issues you’ve been having. In addition to that, you can use this to evaluate the internet speed on gaming consoles. If connecting through a cable does not significantly increase download speeds, then the issue is most likely caused by your internet service company. Because the support teams of many providers can do remote diagnostics, you should get in touch with them to reach the base of the problem. You may also examine if there seems to be a problem or defect in the area that is impacting your access to the internet.

Switch between different channels on your Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi networks distribute their signals over a very large number of distinct channels in addition to two distinct frequency bands. It is necessary to increase the number of channels that are currently available to accommodate the growing number of people who have Wi-Fi connections in their homes. These connections are becoming increasingly common in today’s society. These days, the great majority of freshly made routers are outfitted with the capability to broadcast on either the 2.5 GHz frequency band or the 4 GHz frequency band, giving users the option to choose the band that best suits their needs. As a direct consequence of this, you now have access to an increased number of opportunities. There is always the possibility that your network is being disrupted by another Area network connection or another supplier evaluation in the vicinity that is already broadcasting on the same wavelength that your network use. This is something that you should keep in mind at all times. Your network’s efficiency may decrease, and the problems you are having with your Wi-Fi connection may be because an excessive number of devices are utilising a specific wavelength. If this is the case, the issue could be caused by an overcrowding situation.

Check how much of the available bandwidth is being utilised

If you notice that the speed of your Wi-Fi connection drops at certain times of the day or at regular intervals, then some piece of software or another device may be using up too much of your available bandwidth. This could be the case if you notice the speed drop at specific times of the day or regular intervals.

  • Large downloads, streaming video, and online gaming are examples of activities that might use a significant amount of bandwidth, thus it is essential to check for these things first.
  • You may find out which devices on your Wi-Fi network are using the most bandwidth by utilising either the router itself or a piece of software provided by a third party.
  • By going into the configuration settings of your router, you should be able to determine the devices that are connected to your network and remove them if necessary.
  • You are obligated to get rid of any items that you are unable to identify, provided that this is even an option.
  • Malicious software likely is to blame for the slow speeds you are experiencing; as a result, you should turn on protection and run an antivirus scan as soon as you can.

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