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electronics in your home

1 Find out how far the plug protrudes from the socket

Dishwasher, oven and refrigerator usually want to be connected so that they do not come out of the general line of the kitchen set. Most people only consider counter depth and the technology itself. But it is important to remember that the technician has not yet plugged in the plug behind the helmet. One option is to install a recessed wall outlet that will fit the outlet assembly. Or just when designing headphones, keep in mind that the plugs protrude from the sockets by 3-4 centimeters and leave free space below.

2 Consider the shape of the apartment and interference before installing the router

Any worker will, by default, install the router in the hallway, near the front door. This is the simplest: it requires a minimum of wires, and it will be easier to hide them. If the apartment is small, the walls are not too thick, and the living quarters are located near the front door, then there will be no problems. But if the router is at the beginning of a long corridor in a brick house and on the way to the living rooms, the signal encounters interference, for example, a microwave oven, the signal quality will drop. The optimal solution: place the router in the center of the apartment so that its signal reaches all points. Also pay attention to the technical specifications of the gadget. Generally, the signal radius is 30-70 meters, but don’t

3 Make sure the floor is level before installing the washing machine.

Workers who come to install the washing machine are unlikely to check the level of the floor on which it stands. If the machine is on an uneven surface, the vibrations while washing will cause it to rattle, move around the bathroom, and bang against the wall. Before the installers arrive, check the floors yourself using a level. If necessary, place a rubberized support to dampen vibrations and prevent the technique from slipping.

4 Attach the vapor barrier to the countertop above the dishwasher before installing it.

A metal plate must be included with the built-in dishwasher. It should be fixed inside the worktop, under which the dishwasher will be placed, closer to the edge. This is done so that the steam that comes out of the interior after opening the door settles on the vapor barrier, and not on the furniture itself. Otherwise, the particleboard or wood will swell over time due to moisture.

5 Trace how the wall is lit, where the TV will be

One of the most annoying mistakes when installing a TV is hanging it on a wall that gets sunlight most of the time. The screen will be dazzling, the whole device will heat up additionally. It may even fail faster. You will constantly have to draw the curtains and darken the room to watch a movie. Therefore, well before calling the installers, at the stage of planning the electrical wiring, place the socket under the TV on a suitable wall. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the location of the lamps in this room. If the main chandelier hangs near the screen, it will need to be turned off in the evening when watching a movie. This means that additional lamps will be needed next to the soft zone.

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