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the Christmas tree

We are almost there. Winter plunged us into it after a long, hot summer and an autumn that seemed reluctant to follow in the summer’s footsteps. Soon the time will come to start decorating our house for Christmas , the feast of all holidays.

As every year, we will find ourselves faced with the dilemma of how to decorate our Tree , but, above all, how to arrange the lights in such a way as to make it sparkling, atmospheric and, no less important, safe. It sounds simple, but it’s not. If we want to proceed as well as possible, we must set ourselves a specific objective and adopt a technique that allows us to achieve what we have in mind and obtain the maximum result.

First of all, you will have to choose the Christmas tree . We have already covered this subject extensively, focusing in particular on the advantages and disadvantages of natural fir trees on the one hand and artificial ones on the other. The choice of the Tree will be strictly linked to the use we would like to make of the lights. In fact, many artificial trees are already equipped with LED lights, which solves a whole series of problems related above all to the management of the electric wires connected to the light chains, which, being already integrated into the branches, will not risk hanging down in such a way unattractive and to represent points of attachment for children, animals and… distracted friends.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a natural tree or an artificial model without integrated lights, it will be necessary to study an effective technique to position the lights on the tree and obtain a homogeneous final effect and of great effect.

The lights will obviously have to be in harmony with the decorations and be arranged in such a way as to highlight them, emphasizing the brightness and the colors.

It will therefore be necessary first of all to establish how many lights will be necessary for our Tree, of what type (LED or incandescent), with warm or cold light, monochromatic or very colored.

LED or incandescent? Warm or cold light?

Modern LED lights are definitely brighter than traditional incandescent lights. They also offer a remarkable economic advantage, since they guarantee significant energy savings. They are therefore worth the initial investment, which remains in any case rather reasonable, considering the fact that, for a Christmas tree of about 2 meters high, it will be necessary to spend between 60 and 90 euros.

Incandescent fixtures require more attention, especially when it comes to safety, but offer a warmer light compared to LEDs and a more traditional atmosphere. In addition, garlands with energy-saving bulbs guarantee consumption not much higher than that of the most modern LEDs.

There are also solar-powered lights, suitable especially for outdoor trees, and lights in the shape of spheres, delicate and of great effect.

Regarding the choice of warm or cold light , we can choose according to the furniture and the colors of the house, in addition to the decorations we have chosen for the Tree. Cold tones, such as white turning blue, highlight elegance, while warm colors, between yellow and red, create a more bewitching and subdued atmosphere. It is important to choose well in order not to create too violent a contrast.

Safety first

Safety standards must be kept in mind regardless of the type of light garland you choose. Better beware of light chains of dubious origin. It must always be borne in mind that these are electrical devices with internal voltages that can reach 230V, which will remain on in our homes for several weeks, and it is essential to know how they were made.

First of all, it is necessary to verify the presence of the CE mark, which guarantees compliance with the reference standards established at European level regarding the minimum safety requirements necessary for the light decorations to be sold inside the building. European Union. Some companies producing light decorations submit their products to controls by independent laboratories that issue subsequent certifications, guaranteeing better quality. Periodic checks with the production establishments also allow other certificates such as GS and IMQ to be obtained.

Check that the CE mark on the packaging is written correctly and not counterfeited, that the country of manufacture and the importer’s data are clearly indicated and that all information is written in French.

Once opened the packaging, it is advisable to test the traction of the cables connected to the controller, in order to ensure that they are not exposed, and the resistance of the controller too, by pressing on them with force.

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