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Master’s in Ireland

Ireland is considered to be one of the best choices as a country if one is looking for higher studies options. This country is not only rich because of its cultural heritage but they are also advanced in technology. For students who want to go abroad for studies – this country has affordable living options and secure environments. The places create a nurturing environment so that the students get encouraged to study more and pursue their passions.

Masters in Ireland is said to be very popular in entire Europe. It is said that Irish universities receive hundreds of applications from aspiring students every year. The major reason behind this is as compared to other countries in Europe – Ireland has lower living cost. For Indian students it is great because they can get both affordable education and living options in this country. After finishing studies they also find some great job opportunities not only in Ireland but in other countries as well.

Importance of Masters in Ireland

It is said that there are numerous advantages for students who come from other countries to study here. In fact, doing Masters in Ireland can be a great choice. Here are some major reasons why:

  • Most of the Irish universities are ranked among the best in the world. They have a great international standing and as most people interested in academics already know that the Trinity College of Dublin being the most prestigious.
  • When it comes to higher studies – the universities of this country offer a wide range of courses. Students can also pursue joint and even dual degree programs here because of the way the courses are offered to them.
  • Once one finishes their course, they can apply for a job at Ireland only. This country is a hub of many European multinational companies and one can get a lot of opportunities to work there or do an internship.
  • If one is there for their Masters, they can also extend their stay for 2 more years even after they finish their course. This time helps them to do a proper job research and apply for them.
  • As Ireland is an English-speaking country, students also do not need to learn any other language before applying there for higher studies. it is easier for the international students to adapt with the Irish culture.

Highlights of courses offered

  • First of all, Ireland universities offer 1 year Master’s degree in which they add many attractive features. One’s career will be advanced quickly and most of these courses are cost-effective.
  • There is a dozen of public universities where one can enroll for a 1-year Master’s course. Apart from that there are other private colleges and technology institutes as well.
  • All the courses are designed in such a way that they can improve the students quality of life through it. Hence, Ireland is different from other European countries when it comes to higher studies.

Indian students choose Ireland for higher studies because:

  • They get concept of social mobility.
  • Extensive international exposure
  • Higher income
  • Scientific inquiry

Requirements to study in Ireland

If one wants to apply for their Masters in Ireland – then the major thing they need is a relevant Bachelor’s degree or a diploma. If one has already decided to pursue masters in Ireland, they must choose a graduation course that is compatible with the Master’s program they want to do. The students should have a good average grade and when it comes to Indian universities the marks should be more than 60 percent. Candidates must also show a high- level proficiency in English language. For those who are non-native English speakers they need to sit for a recognised English language test with a minimum score (tests like IELTS, TOEFL).

How to find work in Ireland?

After the completion of Masters and before the beginning of job search – one has to follow a few processes.

Before you can start working in Ireland after completing your master’s degree, you’ll need to follow a few processes. After completing your master’s degree, the following are the next steps you should take to apply for jobs in Ireland:

  • One should know that the third level graduate scheme allows one to apply for an extension after one receives their exam results. Once the Master’s is done – the eligible applicants can also search for jobs in Ireland for 2 years.
  • If one has found a job in Ireland then they can easily get a work permit with which they can continue their work in their country. One can also apply for critical skills visa so that they can go for the long-term employment opportunity in Ireland. But for that, the company they are already working in must provide an offer letter and a contract so that they can stay in Ireland.

One can undergo the best masters courses in Ireland they can start seeking jobs in the market because Ireland has a diverse market in this case. Here are some opportunities that one can dive into:

  • Business and Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare

Even if one has a Master’s degree in a different course – still they can look for work opportunity in these fields. If one wants to choose a field of study that is very high in demand – then they can also advance their career with it. Being in Ireland also means one can not only have a good career ahead but they can get exposure in their career world that can make them climb up the job ladder easier and crave to learn some more things related to the job. Also, the country has a lot of benefits when it comes to lifestyles and other aspects.

So, according to education experts – it is a good idea to start planning about higher studies the moment one enrolls for their graduation course. This can help them to plan ahead easily and apply for a Master’s program in the favorite universities of Ireland. Going to a different country for higher studies do need a lot of preparations and one can also take help from experts for visas and application processes.

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