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Alcohol Withdrawal Causing

Alcohol withdrawal is associated with dangerous symptoms that can affect health badly. While most withdrawal symptoms usually go away after five days to a few weeks, some of the side effects can cause complications that could last a lifetime like serious cardiac issues.

However, going through withdrawal is much safer than developing a lifelong alcohol addiction. With proper detox care in a rehab setting, the withdrawal effects may be less severe.

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How does withdrawal cause heart issues?

Alcohol withdrawal can cause heart issues in several different ways.

  • The three stages of withdrawal can cause anxiety, irregular heartbeat, seizures, and blood pressure fluctuations that can affect the heart badly.
  • It might cause low electrolyte levels resulting in cardiac issues.
  • Withdrawal affects the metabolism negatively, which can cause metabolism problems due to which the heart may finally stop beating.

Symptoms of heart problems due to alcohol withdrawal

Individuals experiencing withdrawal may be at risk for multiple cardiac conditions along with the possibility of sudden heart-related death. Heart issues due to alcohol withdrawal include arrhythmias, heart attacks, and issues with blood circulation.

Safe withdrawal process to take care of the heart

If you wish to quit alcohol, you need to speak to a professional for a safe withdrawal and detox procedure. Getting into a rehab center is most appropriate as the doctors and therapists would handle the withdrawal process perfectly.

Those who experienced withdrawal are encouraged to refrain from alcohol and other substances when detoxification is over. Patients undergoing detoxification must enroll in an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program that offers therapeutic methods such as medications, individual counseling, and group sessions.

A safe withdrawal process and detox treatment help to avoid strain on the heart so that it can function well. Contact a professional if you or your near ones wish to quit alcohol.

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