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Relieve Your Migraine

When a migraine episode strikes, all you want is to be relieved. However, using migraine medication can help ease discomfort for some patients.

So, is there anything more you can do to minimise the attack or make the symptoms bearable until the medicine kicks in?

If you need migraine relief, consider the following recommendations. The majority of these therapies are free and have no adverse effects.

Hydrate Yourself Constantly

Those suffering from migraines in Singapore claim that dehydration is a cause for their migraines. Staying hydrated between episodes may therefore assist in averting some.

When you sense a migraine coming on, drinking water actively may help lessen the duration of your attack.

If you have difficulty staying hydrated, try adding a piece of lemon or lime to plain water or a tiny quantity of fruit juice. This way, you may drink more water if it tastes better.

Use a Warm or Cold Compress

One quick way to relieve migraines in Singapore is to apply a warm or cold compress to your brow or the back of your neck.

The cold of the compress can help to numb the skin.  You’re triggering additional nerve endings where the compress is applied.

Keep a towel between your skin and an ice pack to protect your skin. If you use a commercial cold pack, be sure there are no gaps where chemicals might escape and potentially injure your eyes.

Some people may prefer a warm compress. This is because heat can aid in the relaxation of tight muscles. Other than that, you might also take a warm bath or shower.

Massage Temples Massage can help your muscles relax, and it has been tested for pain management in a variety of illnesses, including headaches.

It is up to the individual if this is beneficial. Some migraine sufferers are susceptible to touch, and a massage might aggravate their symptoms. This is especially true for persons with allodynia, a frequent migraine symptom in which people are extremely sensitive to touch and other non-painful stimuli.


Exercising during a migraine episode is frequently thought to worsen the pain. However, exercising between attacks can help you suffer fewer migraines.

In terms of what types of exercise, it is often suggested to begin with walking —it is simple, safe, inexpensive, and convenient— and to do so on a regular basis.

This may lessen migraine and prevent migraine episodes through physiological processes such as inflammation reduction and improved cardiovascular health. Regular exercise can also aid with stress reduction and sleep improvement.


Many migraine sufferers claim that stress is a cause for their migraines. However, by concentrating on what is happening in the present moment, mindfulness meditation can help people handle stress in a new way.

Focusing on a sense, such as the breath, is one example available to everyone. While practising mindfulness meditation, it is natural to have thoughts and feelings; observe them and then return your focus to your breath.

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