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Do you have brown eyes and are you wondering how to highlight your look ? Nature has given you a trump card because you can afford almost any makeup color. You need to know the colors and textures to favor and those to avoid to illuminate your brown pupils and all their shades, from hazelnut to dark brown . The “Hairdresser – Colorist – Make-up artist” experts Camille Albane give you all the tips to perfect your make- up look .


There are few because brown eyes are lucky, they have a wide choice . No color is contraindicated, but here are the colors to avoid if you have brown eyes: pastel shades .

Whether it’s white, pink, blue or light green, avoid the pastel that doesn’t flatter you, especially if you have dark skin . Skin tone is also important in choosing your make-up, not just eye color. Caramel skins are rather sublimated by golden or copper hues and warm colors , while fair skins will prefer colder tones.

As a general rule, avoid highlight tones that will look dull and flat associated with brown eyes, yellowing the whites of the eyes with a harsh or sad look effect .

Beware of green make-up, therefore, it can be pretty, but not if it is pale. The blue is to be handled with care too because the contrast with the brown is important so you have to choose the right blue according to the color of the iris and the skin , and a dark shade.


To make your brown eyes stand out, paint them blue . However, if one refers to the color wheel to really bring out a brown iris, the opposite color is blue.

So choose eye shadows with shades infused with blue which is the complementary color to brown , and also green , these make-up colors will look great on you and will perfectly highlight your brown eyes: gray blue, turquoise, royal blue, blue electric, indigo, china blue, grass green, emerald green, anise green, pine green. Purple will also look great on you and bring out the multiple shades of a brown eye.

Besides, there are many varieties of brown eyes , let’s see what will make each color stand out the most.


Dark brown eyes are highlighted by dark and intense eye shadows : anthracite gray, dark purple, forest green, electric blue or navy blue. But also nude, beige, brown, plum, black and gold, copper, orange, bronze and silver for dark skin . Illuminate the inner corner of the eye with a light color, and intensify the look with a dark eyeliner : emerald green or eggplant purple.

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